Art Camp Schedule


26- 28 January, 2018

Art camps and workshops for up to 50 artists on site in Shravanabelagola during the month of January 2018. The works created at the camp will be exhibited in February during the Mahamastakabhisheka.

The festival includes an art camp and workshop, which will be organized before the Mahamastakabhisheka. 
-  Art Camp Date: 26th to 28th January, 2018.

The camp and workshop aims at inviting artist at Shravanabelagola, get inspired by the culture, history and heritage of Shravanabelagola and create beautiful work of arts.

25th January, 2018.

- Arrival of artist from the 25th morning onwards. Artist will be arriving from different parts of the country.
- All the artist will be taken for mandir darshan and site seeing of Shravanabelagola in the afternoon and evening on the 25th.

26th January, 2018.

- Inauguration of the art camp and workshop at Kanji Bhawan hall in Shravanabelagola.
- Inauguration ceremony of the camp in the morning, between 9am and 10am.
- Kala yatra / Art walk from Kanji Bhawan to main temple pahadi with musicians and band. All the artist will walk from Kanji bhawan to the main pahadi.
- Photo session for the inauguration ceremony and the Kala Yatra.
- Artist will start the work after the inauguration ceremony. 

27th January, 2018.

- Artist can work on the camp for full day at various locations.

28th January, 2018.

- Artists felicitation and closing ceremony of the camp in the morning at 11am followed by lunch.
- Samman of all the artist by presenting them with mala and shawl.
- All the artist will be given certificates and remuneration for participation in the art festival.
- All the art work and paintings will be displayed in the ceremony.
- Photo session of the ceremony.

Other details -

- Accommodation for all the artist from the 25th to 28th January.
- Jain Food - breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee and dinner for all the days will be provided.
- Canvas and art materials will be provided at the camp site. 
- Artist can work in the indoor hall and at various outdoor locations as per their requirement.
- Non vegetarian food and alcohol will not be allowed during the camp.